Listing Your Home

Listing Your Property


Find a Real Estate Agent

It’s critical to enlist the help of a real estate agent with a proven track record in your local market. Our team has a long-standing reputation for success. We love what we do, and we’re wholly dedicated to seamlessly navigating and supporting you through your property sale.


Determine Market Value

We’ll assess your property’s market value by taking variables such as features, size, location, market demand, and recent comparable sales into consideration. Then, we’ll create a comparative market analysis (CMA) or ‘comp,’ which will help determine a competitive listing price designed to attract qualified buyers and generate maximum interest in your property.


Get Market Ready

We’ll strategize with our network of skilled and vetted vendors to polish up your property. Together, we’ll work to implement key improvements, ensure alluring curb appeal, professionally stage your space, and take eye-catching photos and videos ofyour property. Once complete, buyers will have multiple reasons to give your property more than just a passing glance.


List Your Property

A listing agreement gives us permission to advertise your property and handle your sale. It also covers the basic terms of our mutual commitment, including the length of time your property will be listed. Once an agreement is signed, we’ll discuss our selling strategy and will explain what you can expect as we move deeper into the process. We believe in transparency, and we want you to feel confident about our plans to sell your property.


Market Your Property

A unique property needs a customized marketing plan to set it apart from others on the market. We’ll leverage industry-leading tech and robust online marketing strategies in combination with tried-and-true techniques like high-quality statements, energetic open houses, and alerting local buyer’s agents to give your property optimum exposure. We’ll also utilize our trusted network of photographers and professional stagers to make your property come to life.


Negotiation and Escrow

At this crucial stage, we’ll leverage every negotiation tool in our arsenal to arrive at a price that both you and the buyer can agree on. We’ll also use our expertise to coach you through terms, contingencies, and buyer financing. Once a fair price that meets your selling goals is offered and accepted, we head into escrow. At this point, the buyer must complete all necessary inspections, get their financing approved, and sign all legally mandated disclosure documents.


Closing Time

We’ll be right by your side during these final steps, engaging with the buyer’s agent and lending institutions to ensure all requirements are met. Once we’re certain all our ducks are in a row, you’ll sign on the dotted line to finalize your property sale!

Work With Us

We are a team of passionate and dedicated agents with the resources to help our clients reach their buying and selling goals. We are with you every step of the way.

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